B250 – Lesson 13

We are nearing the end. I’m always so surprised how fast each semester goes. It seems like this class was just starting. I’m still a little sad that I haven’t made a sale yet. I have all my prints in an Etsy shop and they sell very well. But I guess that shows you that if you can’t get traffic, you can’t be very successful. Etsy does all the heavy listing for me and gets people to my store front. I haven’t been able to find that magic combination to get people onto my site. I do have about 10 months left with my domain so hopefully by the time that I need to renew, I will have found a way for my site to be successful so I can continue using it and move off of Etsy and avoid those sellers fees.


B250 – Week 12

Another week of meeting all the deadlines. Hopefully it stays that way the remainder of the semester. I struggled with Project 4 a bit. I didn’t feel like we had enough time to see results and I wasn’t entirely sure that I was doing everything right. I guess I’ll see when I get my grade back. I have yet to make a sale so I think that’s also making this difficult. I hope that next week goes better. Maybe I’ll get my first sale.

B250 – Week 11

This week was fairly easy which was great since I was out of town for Thanksgiving. I thought that the deadlines were all moved to Saturday because of Thanksgiving, but I wasn’t able to post in one of the discussion boards because the due date had passed. So I guess that I read the email wrong and the due dates of next week are moved. Oh well. I didn’t miss any of the other due dates. I am embarrassed that I have to write about due dates in my weekly reflections every time because before this class I’ve never struggled with that before. Again, I’m just going to blame it on mom brain. They say you lose brain cells every pregnancy and I guess this confirms that.

B250 – Week 10

I finally did it! I didn’t miss a single deadline (at least I think I didn’t). This week has been a bit discouraging. My ad is not doing well and I’m not sure what to change. I tried to make some adjustments to improve it and it only seemed to make it worse. I’m hoping deleting one ad and just focusing on the more successful one will make things go smoother and get me some more hits.¬†¬†Working with Google Adwords can be very frustrating. I’ve enjoyed reading my classmates experiences though. Hoping next week I see some real improvements.

B250 – Week 9

I almost did it. I almost made the whole week without missing a deadline. But alas, I missed my replies on one of the discussion boards. It’s driving me crazy that I have become the student that misses deadlines. This goes against everything I’ve ever stood for. Haha. Next week is going to be the week. I’m going to meet every deadline. I’ve been really frustrated this week with my ad. I tried to make some adjustments to improve it and it only seemed to make it worse. Some of the keywords told me that my budget of $1 wasn’t enough and the keywords were going for $1.25. So I changed my budget to fit that and then it immediately raised the keywords to like $2.50. So I guess I don’t understand how that works. I’m hoping next week’s discussion boards will help me with that.

B250 – Week 8

In all the classes I have ever taken, due dates have never been an issue. Yet in this class, I repeatedly miss the 10 pm deadline. This is my first class after having a second baby so I’ll just blame it on mom brain. I’m always trying to submit my discussion board reply at 10:01 pm and it tells me there’s an error. Next week will be better. This week was an easy week. I’m hoping my ad words I’ve chosen will work well for me. What I enjoyed the most this week was working on my website more. I always enjoy that. I’m interested to see if this website will be successful. I currently sell my items on Etsy and do well there, but it would be nice to move to my own site to avoid all the Etsy seller fees. I’m not sure I can get enough traffic to this new site I’ve created to justify moving there permanently. We will see though.

B250 – Week 7

I thought being back at home after 10 days in London would provide a very easy and focused week for school. I was wrong. As soon as I got home, I became very sick. My husband also left for a few days for a job interview out-of-state so it was just me and the kids. Plus my brother got married on Friday. It was a difficult week to get stuff done. I would say that next week will be better, but I’m just going to assume the worse and that there will be some unexpected event next week that will cause difficulty with getting homework done. Also, this 10 pm deadline keeps getting me. I just assume that the due date is at midnight so I keep trying to submit discussion board posts at 10:05 just to realize that I’m too late. Hopefully by the end of this class I will have it together.

As for the actual material this week, I have to be honest. Working with Google Adwords is frustrating. From what I’ve looked at, I don’t think it’s going to be very cost effective at getting business to my site. Hopefully I’m proven wrong, but I guess it is good knowledge to learn for other endeavors.