Project 2 Event Ad


Description: A color full-bleed event ad to promote a fundraiser using only Microsoft Word and a scanner.

Process: I scanned my image, and inserted it into a Word document. I then added boxes in two different shades of blue. I filled in the boxes using the text tool. I used two fonts (one serif and one sans serif to create contrast). Programs I used: Microsoft Word, Canon Scanner, (PDF converter).

Message:  There is a banquet to raise money for renovation costs at an assisted living home.  I wanted people who saw this flyer to have their interest piqued and consider attending.

Audience: Anyone looking to help raise funds for the assisted living home renovation.

Top thing learned: I learned how to scan and check the image size, and also how to design in Word.

Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic, Blue

Title Font Name & Category:  Baskerville – Serif

Copy Font Name & Category:  Avenir Next – Sans Serif

Scanned images used,  sources, original sizes: The image was scanned from the April 2015 Ensign. The image was originally only 7″ x 4.5″ and I scanned it at 300 resolution. Image final scan size was 750 pixels x 1050 pixels



One thought on “Project 2 Event Ad

  1. Hi Alicia! I loved your ad! I loved the picture you chose and the color scheme. I thought it was very creative to use 4 boxes as your background instead of one large plain blue box. I like the amount of space on the page and I like the positioning of everything. It is very simple and to the point. I think you did an awesome job!
    Check out


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