P3 Activity Photography

Light 1 - Outside
Light 1 – Outside
Light 2 - Inside
Light 2 – Inside
Focus 1 – Foreground
Focus 2 - Background
Focus 2 – Background
Composition 1 - Thirds
Composition 1 – Thirds
Composition 2 - Lead Room
Composition 2 – Lead Room

I had a lot of fun with this activity. I started with the lighting photos. There are some railroad tracks just down the street from my house. Yesterday evening my husband and I with baby in tow took a walk down there to snap some pictures. I love how the photo turned out of my husband and baby. I think the sky looks really neat. The next photo I snapped this morning after my baby’s doctor appointment. His vaccinations really took it out of him and he fell asleep face down. The lighting was perfect.

The next set of photos I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I played around with a few objects, but finally settled on taking pictures of these pears. I set them up on my kitchen table right next to a sliding glass door. I love how you can see a slight reflection of the pears in the table. I think it’s interesting to play with the focus.

The last set of photos was composition. The photo of my son is one of my favorites of him. It really captures his personality. He is in the center third, while the orange pillow occupies the right third of the photo. The last photo is a picture I snapped of my brother on Sunday. He just left for his mission to Colorado so it was great to get a final picture of him before he was gone.


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