Project 3: Photodesign

Description: A poster using an original photo while incorporating a color scheme.
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I first chose a color scheme for my layout and decided on complementary.  I captured a photo of my son near a window so it would have good lighting. I edited the photo in Photoshop and adjusted the levels, sharpness, saturation, and color balance Next, I designed an 8.5×11 layout that including my photo, quote, and repeating design elements. I incorporate my color scheme title, color swatches, and color names into my design.  I used the eye dropper tool to match the colors in my photo and used the shape tool to create the repeating lines.
Message: I wanted to provide inspiration for others.
Audience: The quote itself can appeal to just about everyone, but my picture narrows it down to parents and grandparents.
Top Thing Learned: I learned how to incorporate a color scheme into a design while utilizing a picture.
Color Scheme: Complimentary 
Color Names: Orange and Blue
Quote Font Name & Category: Palatino Linotype: Serif
Author Font Name & Category: Century Gothic: Sans Serif
Thumbnail of original, unedited image:


3 thoughts on “Project 3: Photodesign

  1. I love your design! First of all, your photo is adorable. Your colors go so well, I love that you kept it simple with the complimentary blue and orange. The patterns and placement of your design make it so easy on the eyes. Well designed and perfectly aligned! Baylie used complimentary blue and orange in her design as well, you should check it out!


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