Project 4 Montage


Description: An inspirational montage made by the blending of three images, and the use of typography.
I opened the photo of the Gilbert Temple, then added the two wedding photos. On both the added photos, I added a masking layer. With a black brush I blended the images so they blended with the background image of the Gilbert Temple. I also added an overlay filter to both wedding photos. I then added the font to the picture, aligning it to the right.
Programs/Tools Used: I used Adobe Photoshop. In Photoshop, I worked with masking layers and the brush tool.
Message: The message is that no one is perfect, but everyone has infinite potential.
Anyone seeking inspiration on marriage.
Top Thing Learned: How to gradually blend images together with the use of a masking layer.
Filter Applied and Where:
Overlay filter on both pictures of couple.
Color Scheme : 
Monochromatic Color Name:  Blue
Title Font Name & Category: Laser Metal – Decorative
Copy Font Name & Category:
Berlin Sans – Sans Serif
Thumbnails of Images Used:

AliciaAndrewBridals12 (2) Gilbert Arizona Temple Wedding Bridals JG Photo Gilbert-Arizona-Temple4
Source (Link to images on original websites):
Mormon Newsroom (


6 thoughts on “Project 4 Montage

  1. Loved that talk in conference!! And this is beautiful! I love the fonts you have chosen and the color you made them is so stark against the blue sky, yet matches the beauty of the temple fabulously! Good job!


  2. Loving that “eternal marriage” font! I find the halo around the two pictures of the couple a little distracting, but in a way that makes me think they are ethereal – almost as if to truly express that this is something not just of this earth, but of the heavens!


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