Project 5 Logos


Description: A logo for a pediatric dentist.

Process: After trying out several options for the logo, I took a vote on which was the best. Once I found the one people preferred, I refined that specific logo. I decided to use contrasting fonts by choosing a serifs and sans serifs to pair. The tooth shape I create by using the pen tool. I created a color version, a grayscale version, and a white version on a color background.

Programs/Tools Used: I used Adobe Illustrator and worked almost exclusively with the font tool and pen tool.

Message: The dentist will improve your smile and is kid friendly.

Audience: Families who are in need of dental car.

Top Thing Learned: How to effectively use the pen tool.

Color Scheme: Complementary   Color Names: Green and Purple

1st Font and Category: Oswald – Sans Serif
2nd Font and Category: Perpetua – Serifs


2 thoughts on “Project 5 Logos

  1. I really liked the simplicity of the logo, and that the text was a big part of it too. I really liked the colors that you chose in order to contrast the fonts, and the logo is very cute and simple. I really like the green background version, since it’s a little more kid friendly, and also looks very professional. It keeps the theme of simplicity going throughout. The fonts worked really well together, and it made the name of the company stand out. The only thing I saw that needs fixing is the spelling of “pediactric” to “pediatric”. Other than that, great job!


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