Project 6 Stationery

Letterhead Watermark1

Business Card1 Business Cards

A matching letterhead and business card designed using a personally created logo.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):
I first created a monogram for my name. I combined an “A” and an “S” into one letter. I also decided to created a snowflake as my logo by using the pen tool. For my letterhead, I placed the monogram in the top left corner while placing my information in the top right. I then placed the snowflake logo in the bottom right corner and reduced the opacity to 45%. For the business card, I followed the same format as the letterhead. I placed the monogram on the left half of the business card and my information on the right divided by a bar to create alignment. On the front of the business card, I placed the snowflake and the monogram in an oversized fashion. I then made the background a lighter color than the snowflake and monogram.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator & InDesign (Type tool, shape tool, and pen tool.)

Message: The message is that I’m a graphic designer who is professional and capable.

Audience:  Anyone who could benefit from a graphic designer.

Top Things Learned: How to carry a theme throughout a letterhead and business card to brand a business.

Color Scheme: Monochromatic  Color Names: Blue

Title Font Name & Category: Baskerville Old Font – Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Mangal – San Serif


6 thoughts on “Project 6 Stationery

  1. I love your project! It is such a cute idea and very clever. The snowflake looks so good and the color scheme works great. It definitely looks like you know what you are doing. You did such a great job!


  2. Simplicity is often very difficult to find and when you find it then come greatness, and well I see greatness in your future. This is one of the most thought out and simple stationery designs I’ve seen for some time. I believe that you could take your ideas very far. I particularly like the snowflake design very versatile.
    Check out my stationary and business card designs if you would like


  3. I really like the way that you incorporated that Snowflake and your initials. Very creative and simple. I love the way that it flows and is designed well. I just saw that you are in Chandler. I live on the other side of town in Buckeye. Fun to see another Arizonian.


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