B250 – Week 7

I thought being back at home after 10 days in London would provide a very easy and focused week for school. I was wrong. As soon as I got home, I became very sick. My husband also left for a few days for a job interview out-of-state so it was just me and the kids. Plus my brother got married on Friday. It was a difficult week to get stuff done. I would say that next week will be better, but I’m just going to assume the worse and that there will be some unexpected event next week that will cause difficulty with getting homework done. Also, this 10 pm deadline keeps getting me. I just assume that the due date is at midnight so I keep trying to submit discussion board posts at 10:05 just to realize that I’m too late. Hopefully by the end of this class I will have it together.

As for the actual material this week, I have to be honest. Working with Google Adwords is frustrating. From what I’ve looked at, I don’t think it’s going to be very cost effective at getting business to my site. Hopefully I’m proven wrong, but I guess it is good knowledge to learn for other endeavors.


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