B250 – Week 8

In all the classes I have ever taken, due dates have never been an issue. Yet in this class, I repeatedly miss the 10 pm deadline. This is my first class after having a second baby so I’ll just blame it on mom brain. I’m always trying to submit my discussion board reply at 10:01 pm and it tells me there’s an error. Next week will be better. This week was an easy week. I’m hoping my ad words I’ve chosen will work well for me. What I enjoyed the most this week was working on my website more. I always enjoy that. I’m interested to see if this website will be successful. I currently sell my items on Etsy and do well there, but it would be nice to move to my own site to avoid all the Etsy seller fees. I’m not sure I can get enough traffic to this new site I’ve created to justify moving there permanently. We will see though.


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