Project 7: Web Page


Description: A webpage to showcase a logo I created.

Process: I created this web page using Notepad. After I marked up all my content and inserted my image, I attached a pre-made CSS document to my HTML. I then used the colors from my logo as the colors for my web page. I found these colors by using the eyedropper tool in Photoshop. I changed the fonts to Arial and Georgia with back-up fonts. I used padding around the logo and text title so they wouldn’t be too close to the edge of the web page and so they would left align.

Programs Used: Photoshop and Notepad

Message: The message is that Bright Smiles is a great dentist for your kids.

Audience: Anyone who is in need of a pediatric dentist.

Top Things Learned: How to change fonts, color, and padding in CSS.

Color Scheme: Complimentary Colors Hexes: #859937 and #782a7a

Title Font & Category: Arial, Helvitica, Sans-Serif  (Sans-Serif)

Copy Font & Category: Georgia, Serif (Serif)

Changes made to the CSS: Background color, font color, font size, font style, and padding.

Word Count: 211


Project 6 Stationery

Letterhead Watermark1

Business Card1 Business Cards

A matching letterhead and business card designed using a personally created logo.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):
I first created a monogram for my name. I combined an “A” and an “S” into one letter. I also decided to created a snowflake as my logo by using the pen tool. For my letterhead, I placed the monogram in the top left corner while placing my information in the top right. I then placed the snowflake logo in the bottom right corner and reduced the opacity to 45%. For the business card, I followed the same format as the letterhead. I placed the monogram on the left half of the business card and my information on the right divided by a bar to create alignment. On the front of the business card, I placed the snowflake and the monogram in an oversized fashion. I then made the background a lighter color than the snowflake and monogram.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator & InDesign (Type tool, shape tool, and pen tool.)

Message: The message is that I’m a graphic designer who is professional and capable.

Audience:  Anyone who could benefit from a graphic designer.

Top Things Learned: How to carry a theme throughout a letterhead and business card to brand a business.

Color Scheme: Monochromatic  Color Names: Blue

Title Font Name & Category: Baskerville Old Font – Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Mangal – San Serif

Project 5 Logos


Description: A logo for a pediatric dentist.

Process: After trying out several options for the logo, I took a vote on which was the best. Once I found the one people preferred, I refined that specific logo. I decided to use contrasting fonts by choosing a serifs and sans serifs to pair. The tooth shape I create by using the pen tool. I created a color version, a grayscale version, and a white version on a color background.

Programs/Tools Used: I used Adobe Illustrator and worked almost exclusively with the font tool and pen tool.

Message: The dentist will improve your smile and is kid friendly.

Audience: Families who are in need of dental car.

Top Thing Learned: How to effectively use the pen tool.

Color Scheme: Complementary   Color Names: Green and Purple

1st Font and Category: Oswald – Sans Serif
2nd Font and Category: Perpetua – Serifs

Project 4 Montage


Description: An inspirational montage made by the blending of three images, and the use of typography.
I opened the photo of the Gilbert Temple, then added the two wedding photos. On both the added photos, I added a masking layer. With a black brush I blended the images so they blended with the background image of the Gilbert Temple. I also added an overlay filter to both wedding photos. I then added the font to the picture, aligning it to the right.
Programs/Tools Used: I used Adobe Photoshop. In Photoshop, I worked with masking layers and the brush tool.
Message: The message is that no one is perfect, but everyone has infinite potential.
Anyone seeking inspiration on marriage.
Top Thing Learned: How to gradually blend images together with the use of a masking layer.
Filter Applied and Where:
Overlay filter on both pictures of couple.
Color Scheme : 
Monochromatic Color Name:  Blue
Title Font Name & Category: Laser Metal – Decorative
Copy Font Name & Category:
Berlin Sans – Sans Serif
Thumbnails of Images Used:

AliciaAndrewBridals12 (2) Gilbert Arizona Temple Wedding Bridals JG Photo Gilbert-Arizona-Temple4
Source (Link to images on original websites):
Mormon Newsroom (

Project 3: Photodesign

Description: A poster using an original photo while incorporating a color scheme.
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I first chose a color scheme for my layout and decided on complementary.  I captured a photo of my son near a window so it would have good lighting. I edited the photo in Photoshop and adjusted the levels, sharpness, saturation, and color balance Next, I designed an 8.5×11 layout that including my photo, quote, and repeating design elements. I incorporate my color scheme title, color swatches, and color names into my design.  I used the eye dropper tool to match the colors in my photo and used the shape tool to create the repeating lines.
Message: I wanted to provide inspiration for others.
Audience: The quote itself can appeal to just about everyone, but my picture narrows it down to parents and grandparents.
Top Thing Learned: I learned how to incorporate a color scheme into a design while utilizing a picture.
Color Scheme: Complimentary 
Color Names: Orange and Blue
Quote Font Name & Category: Palatino Linotype: Serif
Author Font Name & Category: Century Gothic: Sans Serif
Thumbnail of original, unedited image:

P3 Activity Photography

Light 1 - Outside
Light 1 – Outside
Light 2 - Inside
Light 2 – Inside
Focus 1 – Foreground
Focus 2 - Background
Focus 2 – Background
Composition 1 - Thirds
Composition 1 – Thirds
Composition 2 - Lead Room
Composition 2 – Lead Room

I had a lot of fun with this activity. I started with the lighting photos. There are some railroad tracks just down the street from my house. Yesterday evening my husband and I with baby in tow took a walk down there to snap some pictures. I love how the photo turned out of my husband and baby. I think the sky looks really neat. The next photo I snapped this morning after my baby’s doctor appointment. His vaccinations really took it out of him and he fell asleep face down. The lighting was perfect.

The next set of photos I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I played around with a few objects, but finally settled on taking pictures of these pears. I set them up on my kitchen table right next to a sliding glass door. I love how you can see a slight reflection of the pears in the table. I think it’s interesting to play with the focus.

The last set of photos was composition. The photo of my son is one of my favorites of him. It really captures his personality. He is in the center third, while the orange pillow occupies the right third of the photo. The last photo is a picture I snapped of my brother on Sunday. He just left for his mission to Colorado so it was great to get a final picture of him before he was gone.

Project 2 Event Ad


Description: A color full-bleed event ad to promote a fundraiser using only Microsoft Word and a scanner.

Process: I scanned my image, and inserted it into a Word document. I then added boxes in two different shades of blue. I filled in the boxes using the text tool. I used two fonts (one serif and one sans serif to create contrast). Programs I used: Microsoft Word, Canon Scanner, (PDF converter).

Message:  There is a banquet to raise money for renovation costs at an assisted living home.  I wanted people who saw this flyer to have their interest piqued and consider attending.

Audience: Anyone looking to help raise funds for the assisted living home renovation.

Top thing learned: I learned how to scan and check the image size, and also how to design in Word.

Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic, Blue

Title Font Name & Category:  Baskerville – Serif

Copy Font Name & Category:  Avenir Next – Sans Serif

Scanned images used,  sources, original sizes: The image was scanned from the April 2015 Ensign. The image was originally only 7″ x 4.5″ and I scanned it at 300 resolution. Image final scan size was 750 pixels x 1050 pixels